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An Idea for Suburban Public Transport:  This is an idea I'd been talking about for about 25 years, which is basically Uberpool with computer drivers.  Note that this entry was written before Uber existed.  I gave a lecture about this idea in 2009 to an environment group, and a software engineer who was present told me it was computationally impossible for a computer to route all the vehicles the way Uber does now.

Capitalism: A Love Story, by Michael Moore: Movie Review: This movie, about the mortgage meltdown, was so full of shit that Michael Moore went and hid in a hole for 6 years before coming out with any more movies.

Godless, by Ann Coulter: Book Review

The God Assumption: A reason why humans many be evolutionarily programmed to believe in a heavenly parent.

Tips For Job Searchers: The last time I was unemployed was in 2005.  I wanted 2 things: a job doing more interesting work than I had done before, and a job outside of Silicon Valley.  I achieved both objectives in an acceptably short time, so I share advice on how to search for a job for my friends.

The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins, and The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker: Book Review

Systems of Survival, by Jane Jacobs: Book Report

Infidel, By Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Book Report

The Secret: Movie Review

Real Estate: Evils of the Owner-Occuppied Paradigm  When the mortgage meltdown happened, I was working on software that did financial calculations with respect to mortgage bonds, and I did work on software for sorting out the mess.  So I had a front-row seat on what happened.  Also, for about 25 years prior to that, I had been telling anyone who would listen that real estate was not such a great investment.  So here are my thoughts on the subject.

What Are We to Make of the Tea Party?

The Genius in All of Us, by David Shenk: Book Review

The Conscience of a Liberal, by Paul Krugman: Book Review

Descent into Chaos: The US and the Disaster in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia

The Mystery of Capital - Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else, by Hernando de Soto: Book Review


Giving Up on the Bible

Employee-Owned Companies

The Worst Date I Ever Had

The Key to Will Power

Manufacturing an Absence of Evidence

The King

The Price on Human Life

Catching Fire - How Cooking Made us Human, by Richard Wrangham: Book Report

The Conservatives' Deaf Ear on Global Warming

Book Wagging

College Tuition Costs and Standardized Tests

Ideology and Science Don't Mix

Evil Genes by Barbara Oakley: Book Report

Massimo Pigliucci on Evolutionary Psychology

A Question on 9/11  Written September 11, 2011

My High School in Australia

Occupy Wall Street

The Big Short, by Michael Lewis: Book Report - Note that the book was very different from the movie.



I'm Leaving Blogspot - Google did an evil thing when they took over

Racism, Liberals, and Censorship

Technology in the Core Curriculum - I gave a successful talk on this at Skepticamp 2012

"Critical Thinking" - A Let Down - A book review of "A Short Course in Intellectual Self-Defense", by Normand Baillargeon, which Massimo Pigliucci uses to teach "Critical Thinking" at CUNY.

My First Job - Shoveling snow off of driveways in Germany

An Encounter with Discrimination

Are Political Demonstrations Obsolete?

Alternative Medicine

On Atheist Strategy

Tax / Inequality Fact Sheet

2016: Obama's America by Dinesh D'Souza: Movie Review

Inside Job: Movie Review

Kindergarten and First Grade in Michigan

Stereotypes and Bias


Steven Pinker on Stereotypes

Segregation Revisited - A Modest Proposal

DNA Matching: The End of Anonymous Paternity

Bailing Out the Homeowners

Thoughts on the Wall Street Bailouts

Video Game Idea: Josef Stalin

Secular School Vouchers

Testing Done Well

On Censorship of Holocaust Denial

Reign of Error, by Diane Ravitch and The Smartest Kids in the World, by Amanda Ripley - 2 book on education.


The Golden Rule and Beyond

When Prejudice is Fair

On the Funding of Contraception and Abortion

Two Systems

On Citizens United

Canada's Illegal Immigration Problem


Saving Lives Doesn't Always Carry the Debate


Timeline: The 2008 Financial Crisis, Bailouts, and Repayment

Apple's Letter to the Public About Being Compelled by the FBI to Compromise the Security of the iPhone

The Unacceptability of the Future

How Not to Donate Money

Free Speech and Criticism of Israel

Police, Race & Instinct

Foreign ETF's List

How to De-Empasize Identity Politics?


Should All Beliefs be the Basis of Protected Classes?

Can we Restore the Pre-Trump Boundaries of Discourse?


The Internet is not the Problem

New TV Show ‘American Sloth’

Sam Harris & Charles Murray vs Vox

2018 O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference NYC

What’s the Problem With The Regressive Left?

ContraPoints on Free Speech

The Use and Misuse of Facebook


The Lie That is Destroying the Social Fabric of America

The Identity Politics of the Far Left

When I Researched Islam

The Pessimism of 2019

The Plan

Why I'm Sick to Death of Hearing About "Inequality"

Immigration to the United States

The Betrayal

How to Start a Meetup Group

American Universities: A Failing Institution


What is Paul Krugman Smoking?

Racism in Flushing

How Has "Hate Speech" Affected "Hate Crimes"?

America's Reality Problem

Gillette's "The Best Men Can Be" Ad

How the Left is Crazy

How Much Fraud Occurred in the 2020 Election (Version I)?

Should Collective Bargaining be Tolerated?

The Liberal Tribe

"Cleansing Guilt"

Why are Most Libertarians Male?

The Case That Election Fraud Occurred in 2020

The Case That Election Fraud Did Not Occur in 2020

How Does Wikipedia stack up against other sources of information?