Video / Podcast
Deletion Policy

I am adopting a policy of usually deleting all links to podcasts and videos more than 5 minutes long that are posted in response to Facebook threads that I start, especially if the speaker in the video is someone who I have never heard of.

Links to articles are much better, because I can skim ahead in the article and see where it's going.  I can read many times faster than people in podcasts and videos talk, and if they start blathering about something that sounds irrelevant to me, I can skim over it and see if they ever recover to the topic being discussed.  Podcasts and videos are jail sentences where you sit and have to listen to lengthy introductions and then the person slowly goes on and on and on.

If you learned something from a podcast or video that really does shed much light on a topic, you should be able to articulate it on the thread.

Also, it is easy to cut and paste a quote from an article into the conversation, while it is very difficult to do anything similar with a video or podcast.

My experience with references and links and especially book references when people refer them to me in an argument is that, 85% of the time, they either fail to back up what the person is saying, or are posted by someone who was missing the point of the debate anyway.  If they post a link to an article, then I can quickly size it up and see if it has any relevance whatsoever to the conversation.  You can't do that with podcasts and videos.